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AFAA is the world's largest fitness and TeleFitness® educator. Since 1983, AFAA has issued over 350,000 certifications in 73 countries, including personal trainer certification and group exercise instructor certification (both available onsite at local facilities and online at

Each year, health clubs and studios host over 3,000 educational workshops nationwide, and this directory has been designed to locate one nearest you. Please start your search by selecting the certification type in which you are interested, and then select the desired state and city as listed on the following pages. The system will then return a list of the 10 closest workshops to that location.

With so many workshops available each month, we are confident you will find one near you. However, if you don't find something suitably close, AFAA also offers a variety of certifications and CEU workshops online.

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New Jersey Kickboxing Certification
New Mexico Kickboxing Certification
New York Kickboxing Certification
North Carolina Kickboxing Certification
North Dakota Kickboxing Certification
Northern Mariana Islands Kickboxing Certification
Ohio Kickboxing Certification
Oklahoma Kickboxing Certification
Oregon Kickboxing Certification
Palau Kickboxing Certification
Pennsylvania Kickboxing Certification
Puerto Rico Kickboxing Certification
Rhode Island Kickboxing Certification
South Carolina Kickboxing Certification
South Dakota Kickboxing Certification
Tennessee Kickboxing Certification
Texas Kickboxing Certification
Utah Kickboxing Certification
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Virgin Islands Kickboxing Certification
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Wisconsin Kickboxing Certification
Wyoming Kickboxing Certification

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